It’s an age thing

Signs that give away you might have grown up. Or, at least, that you are in the process.

  1. You turn on and off the light switch in your room –and in any other room for that matter- to turn on and off the light in that room and not just for your personal pleasure.
  2. You are starting to think that maybe you weren’t born to pee and poop your pants. You murder the thought after 5 seconds.
  3. Your pictures are starting to mean something. In a really broad sense of the word ‘meaning’.
  4. You can browse the pages of a whole children’s book without necessarily tearing them. ‘Necessarily’ is the key here.
  5. You wouldn’t trade your toys for a new Tupperware’s product anymore.
  6. The idea of not sleeping for two or three nights in a row doesn’t turn you on anymore.
  7. Most of your friends are attending nursery school.
  8. When you climb on all over the table and start turning around the vase, the thought that you actually might end up in the floor hurt, slightly crosses your mind.
  9. You hang out with younger people than you.
  10. You start wondering for the first time whether there is a  life without pacifier. Only to admit that there isn’t.
  11. You catch yourself singing the alphabet.
  12. You catch yourself touching himself.
  13. You apply your own dress code. No wonder where ‘mix and match’ came from.
  14. You kind of speak. ‘Kind of’ is the key here.

Frequently asked question

Is that a gift for me  in your bag, or am i just not happy to see you?

Did something wrong

I just spilt all of my milk on my clothes and the sofa. Mum is starring at me, as if she is trying to grasp what has just happened. Mum, sorry, but this is exactly what you think and exactly what it looks like.

That awkward moment…

Now, it’s my turn to talk.  Son’s turn to speak. To say it my way… Because, if you think that only you, grown ups have awkarwd moments, think again. Here it is:

That awkward moment when you (2,5 years old) realize that

  • The screams of yet another tantrum scene in the supermarket’s corridors aren’t actually coming from you.
  • You don’t want to have another bar of chocolate.
  • ‘Sorry’ won’t save you  from timeout, this time
  • You are beginning to enjoy timeout.
  • Your toys speak more than you.
  • It’s easier for someone to understand your toys than you.
  • Your toys speak.
  • You want to play more with the parents of the kid that came to visit you than with the kid itself.
  • You talk with another kid in the park only to realize that you cannot properly introduce yourselves since you can’t remember your names.
  • After you have had your hair cut, you can’t seem to recognize that kid on the mirror.
  • You walk into a party and you realize that you are wearing the same pacifier with another guest.
  • You walk in the bathroom of the party and you realize you are wearing the same diaper with another guest.
  • You walk in the bathroom of the party and you realize you are wearing the same… penis with another guest.
  • You walked in the bathroom of the party without knocking on the door.